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Cleanings & Exams

Oral Prophylaxis (Cleanings) and Exams
Dental problems are mostly caused due to weakening of the gums or teeth. This is a dental procedure that removes tartar and plaque build-up from the teeth through polishing and scaling. The purpose is to stop tooth decay or other dental issues. Through this process the dental hygienist normally cleans under the gums and the surface of the teeth. With severe staining or other complications special scalers can be used that deliver water and compressed air through a hose into a handheld unit which clean the teeth and area below the gums.

Digital X-rays
Digital x-rays greatly reduce the amount of radiation a patient receives. X-rays are pictures of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues around them to help find problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. X-ray pictures can show cavities (tooth decay), hidden dental structures (such as wisdom teeth), solid growth (tumors) and bone loss that cannot be seen during a visual examination.

  • Bitewing X-rays show the upper and lower back teeth and how the teeth touch each other in a single view. These x-rays are used to check for decay between the teeth and show how well the upper and lower teeth line up. They also show bone loss when severe gum disease or a dental infection is present.
  • Periapical X-rays show the entire tooth, from the exposed crown to the end of the root and the bones that support the tooth. These x-rays are used to find dental problems below the gum line or in the jaw, such as impacted teeth, abscesses, cysts, tumors, and bone changes linked to some diseases.
  • Panoramic X-rays show a broad view of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, nasal area, and temporomandibular (jaw joints). These x-rays do not find cavities. These x-rays do show problems such as impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, solid growths (tumors), infections, and fractures.